Foam Gun vs Foam Cannon – What is the difference?

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Car Detailing

Foam Gun vs Foam Cannon – What is the difference?

Buying your first car is an experience that people seldom forget in their lives. There are many things that one has to remember when maintaining their car so it doesn’t break down, and cleaning is the top priority. 

We thought that you might be interested in knowing about foam guns and the difference between each of them, so we have compiled some information that might be useful to you:

What is a foam gun?

Foam gun, like the name suggests, is a piece of technology that is to be installed on top of a water hose. There are many different ways to use this gun, but the easiest way is to combine a simple car wash shampoo with distilled water inside the foam gun and mix them up before applying.

This gun is generally cheap and comes in various sizes and output options. It is a popular accessory among car enthusiasts who want to spare no detail when cleaning their vehicles. Functionally speaking, there are only two types of foam guns: adjustable and non-adjustable.

What is a foam cannon?

A foam cannon, true to its name, is a piece of equipment that can be found in a car washing list that comes in its packaging and provides a lot of suds, as long as the user knows what they are doing. 

One of the easiest ways of using this foam cannon is attaching the water hose to an engine that can pump up the water pressure and then attaching the hose to the cannon foam that has enough soap or shampoo that will help create considerable amounts of suds. 

There are many types of foam cannons – ranging from sub 15$ products that can be used for somewhat any kind of usage to even $100 cannons that come in sizes up to a gallon.

What are the differences you should know about?

To thoroughly understand the difference, we have listed a few pointers that you might be interested in noting:

  • Power output

The first and most prominent difference is the output. For a hose gun, you will need a long water hose to reach around the whole car. Professional-graded foam cannons and even unique foam cannons in mid-range prices are sometimes equipped with a unique pump that does not require any pressure washer. 

  • Efficiency

A foam gun uses more water than a foam cannon because it provides overall lower pressure as output. The lower the output pressure, the more the water it will take to do the same job. 

The cannon is much more efficient at cleaning your car and making it look shiny in mere hours. Since it also uses less water, you will be saving precious resources – especially if you are living in an area where water is not available in abundance. 

  • Construction

A  foam gun is much less complicated as compared to a foam cannon. A foam cannon requires a pressure washer to work. This pressure washer takes time to be connected; the foam cannon is connected to the pressure washer, which is connected to the water hose through brass connectors – making the setup relatively time-consuming. A foam gun only needs a strong water hose in conjunction to work. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this article was able to shed all the light you needed to see the differences between a foam gun and a foam cannon. If you are genuinely interested in genuinely maintaining your vehicle, we recommend going for a foam cannon – even if it is a bit more complex.


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